Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Interestingly, the Gorgeous M and i have undergone a sudden awakening on the road to damascus... no, honestly, we woke up rather abruptly in the back of a mini-van, all tied up like, and when we asked our captors where they were taking us they simply said 'Damascus'!...

ah no. only kidding... phew! ... but we did have a total epiphany... you see, there were all these shepherds, and kings bringing gifts to the Christ Child.... NO STOP IT... there i go again... Sweet Baby Jesus, my morning coffee was strong today...

What i'm trying to tell you is... you know we had planned to live in Phuket for a few months, starting any day now

Anyway, we have decided to move lock stock and barrel to Cambodia instead!

We need to do something that neither of us has done before and we heard of this place called Koh Kong on the coast just over the border in Cambodia. The name kept cropping up in random conversations with diff people, so we said Ah Here... the universe is inviting us to explore somewhere new so who are we to keep our legs closed in the face of the cosmos and all that. i mean that's like HUGE and everything, right?

So, after a quick few days in our favourite spot in Thailand [jan 6 - 9 on Koh Samet Island], swimming and hanging out with good friends, We're off on the 14 of jan til sometime in April

We must be mad, but we can't be arsed going on a recon mission. So we will bring all our bags with us the first time and take it from there... the hair gel alone plus books on Buddhist Philosophy weigh, oooh? i'd say at least 40 kilo

Ever heard of it, Koh Kong? [or the other main town on the coast, Sehanoukville?]

Private message me if you have any tips or ideas about accommodation

Sure, what else would a person do, right? ... In the pursuit of sanity and a blessed retreat, i head for the sea... OOOH LA MER ! ... yes... the sea

Yoko Ono is right, darlings:
For 2013, she took out a whole page in the NY Times that simply contained 2 beautiful words, overflowing with limitless Wisdom and Compassion...




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