Tuesday, April 2, 2013

London Calling

I have finished writing my first novel, LONDON CALLING.

It is number one in a series of five 'Dharma Mystery-Thrillers'.
The books all feature Jalu, a wandering Tibetan Buddhist Master, who is both narrator and principle character.

Each novel explores one major theme from the Buddha's teachings.
In the first one, Jalu is in Spain where he meets Virginia Blake [a 62 year old English woman living in Madrid]. She has Early-Onset Alzheimers but has become embroiled in a fast-paced road trip: She and her friends are on the run.

Think Pedro Almadóvar meets Dan Brown meets Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, and you're half-way there!

On the surface, LONDON CALLING is a novel about history, espionage, truth and lies.
However, it is also a profound contemplation on the Mind, and the Buddha's teachings on Meditation.

Any publishers out there?

We have moved to Bangkok from Koh Chang, our paradise island. Soon, we will leave Thailand and slowly make our way back to Ireland for sometime in June. 


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