Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy BIG BUDDHA DAY 2013 !

Today is the trifold anniversary Of Buddha Sakya Muni.
He was born, got enlightened And attained parinirvana On the full moon days of this month 26 centuries before now.
This is the time for us to remember that great apostle of peace. The teacher who taught us to train Our mind and awaken within us The great wisdom and compassion.

By Ringu Tulku 25th May 2013

Enjoy Big Buddha Day 2013, Everyone.
May your Presence bring Love and Light to All!

[If you gather and sit today, please post messages and photos in COMMENTS on , or on my FaceBook 'Bruno Nua', 'Big Buddha Day 2013' Event, or email to me and I will do it for you]

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