Friday, May 31, 2013

The King of Tibet

Ever since the 7th century, Tibet has had an unbroken lineage of Kings, whose primary role in life was to serve and lead the Tibetan people according to the principles of the Buddha's teachings... The 20 year old Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk is the current King of Tibet.

This week, Trichen graduates from private boarding school in the United States - the same one made famous by the movie Dead Poet's Society - and like so many other young people in America will begin a four year degree in the autumn.

 But he is not like most ordinary students his age. Apart from being calm, compassionate and wise, Trichen has inherited the mantle of monarchy from his father, the previous King of Tibet. His beloved father died in exile some years ago in India, and Trichen automatically became the next King under the guidance of his mentor HH Dalai Lama, who advised him to leave the school for refugee children in Dharamsala where he was boarding at that time and get to America where he might be lucky enough to receive the sponsorship necessary to get a thorough Western education. 
The intention was to prepare him for the possibility of leading the Tibetan people, from inside Tibet, at some future point in the country's beleaguered history.

In America the Tibetan boy king had the good fortune to also be taken under the wing of film maker Holly Carter, with whom he collaborated on a short documentary about himself and his native country Tibet.

You can enjoy the film HERE 

And HERE is a wonderful online article/interview from a local [US] news and current affairs agency in Delaware.

Although Trichen was obviously nervous and aware of the emotional impact of the opportunity, you can clearly see glimpses of the extraordinary man he is rapidly becoming in a short talk he delivered as part of the prestigious TEDx initiative. You can view the clip HERE 

Congratulations to Britain's DAILY MAIL for being perhaps the only mainstream media to pick up on the existence of the young King of Tibet, and to draw our attention to the important role he may yet come to play in the country's future.

If we learn only one thing from the wisdom of the Buddha it must surely be this -


Therefore accept and embrace change
And always remain open to other possibilities
When change comes, don't resist it but learn to surf it
Use change to get where you want to arrive


Long live His Majesty Lhagyari Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk!
May his life bring immeasurable benefit to the people of Tibet!


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