Thursday, November 7, 2013

New WWW Address

Due to Google Apps' ineptitude in assisting their customers to keep their existing customized web addresses, I [and millions like me] may lose our personalized www very soon.

I own and have a valid credit card on file with google which is set to auto-renew my ownership of the above URL.

However, because of some change or other in Google Apps, i may lose that next week [and have to try and buy it back at a premium]

If that happens - and i don't manage to secure the purchase of the same www - please find me on the original address

I may eventually have to purchase a different www
So please also check   or   .net  etc

I thought computers and the internet were supposed to make life and communication easier ?!?!

If all else fails, please find me on FaceBook

Sorry for being so quiet on this site.

Still sending L O V E  and L I G H T  to all,

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