Thursday, March 13, 2014

Phew!!! That Feels Better...

I'm incognito because I don't want a FaceBook Fatwah against me!
I think the potential for people sharing TOXIC images and messages on FaceBook is literally without limit, and dangerously spiralling out of control...

This morning - over the course of one cup of coffee - i saw extreme suffering and mutilated people and animals, i read hate speech [which is actually a crime, but FaceBook doesn't remove it when you complain], i saw sexually explicit images and videos [that any young person just one step removed from that page could easily access e.g. a young friend of a friend], i saw a new [previously unknown] friend's page for the first time [full of provocative photos of young, pre-pubescent girls posing and pouting, and music videos of none other than Gary Glitter of all people!]... The list goes on and on... No wonder so many people just stop using FaceBook altogether... Who wants all that stuff as part of their day?!

A simple quick scan to see how your friends are
doing can so easily turn into a 2 hour trudge through interminable banality at best, or at worst, the most vile, negative, upsetting, useless, depraved, UN-INVITED toxic shit imaginable! Let's face it, accepting someone as a friend doesn't permit them to bombard you with unwanted, unsolicited, vile, evil TOXINS whenever they feel like it, now does it?!

It's time to wake up and move on!

We wouldn't allow that person to email such poison to us.
We wouldn't allow them to send it to us by post.
We wouldn't allow them to hand-deliver it on a flyer, or come up to us in the bar or café and share this crap face to face!
So why accept it on FaceBook?
Even if it is from close friends and family? Why?
Perhaps ESPECIALLY from people close to us, WHY?

I don't agree that sharing images of Tibetan people ON FIRE furthers the case of campaigning for a Free Tibet [something i actually campaign for myself]

I don't agree that posting vile photos and videos of mutilated and suffering people or animals helps that cause one iota either!

I don't agree that proclaiming ABORTION to be somehow cool - or even desirable, especially as a form of contraception - does a single thing to underpin the rights of women.

What you as a consumer or pedaller of Class A drugs feel about their legalisation is of no interest to me whatsoever!
Imagine how unmoving, therefore, it is to be asked to read your latest review of some book or movie, or to be invited to listen to a YouTube clip of some uber-trancey-gangsta-electro-pop remix you picked at 4 in the morning LOL!

How DARE people think that joining FaceBook means we have to accept whatever people we 'know' want to push at us... LOOK AT THIS! LISTEN TO ME! LIKE THIS! AGREE WITH ME!

Give us a break and Get a life! [For your own sake as much as anything else!]

Do you realise that many people on FB just want to keep in touch with old school friends or their relatives in Hong Kong... They're not actually logging in to see your shit at all, and they probably only accepted your friend request [or sent you one] just to be polite...

But what really amuses me most though is to casually observe WHO posts WHICH extreme [banality or toxic shit]...

For example, so far today the Vile TOXINS have been shared and therefore propagated mostly by caring/spiritual friends.
While the BANAL [mainly photos of drunken/drugged behaviour, or pictures of kittens and puppies] emanates from some of the cleverest, most erudite people i know.

And without these two extremes? What middle ground then does FaceBook have to offer me with my morning coffee?
The same old ranters and campaigners on the same old soapboxes?
The terminally self-obsessed, publicly craving yet more attention and validation?

But the worst thing of all is this:
FaceBook can be so much more than all this!!!

It has the limitless, subversive potential to become something completely and radically positive and transformative for our daily lives!!!
I stay tuned to FB in the fervent hope that this is what it will become.
I see a large handful of friends who seem to have the same idea.
So i keep an eye on their pages, try to avoid all the negative, toxic stuff and enjoy my coffee and fairy cakes.

I expect it may come as a terrible shock to many people to realise that FaceBook is so full of shit, and that THEY THEMSELVES in fact are entirely responsible for spreading it and making the world even more unhappy and dysfunctional.

I expect some people will actually find this post to be negative and toxic - as it does not agree with allowing them to post whatever they want to MY computer screen.

I expect not to have so many 'friends' on FaceBook tomorrow morning.
But hey, i also expect not to have so much negative shit to wade through either...

So i guess my work here is done LOL!

To paraphrase the wise one Panti Bliss / Pantibar: If YOU are expecting to continue unquestioned, spreading your negative, toxic shit around me, then please FECK OFF OUT OF MY LIFE!

On the other hand, if you are mainly interested in sharing the Love and Light that is the truth and the essence of all, [with the very occasional pic of a kitten] then - to quote Miss Cilla Black - STEP INSIDE LOVE, AND STAY!

ciao for now,

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