Sunday, August 3, 2014

a new poem


[for Oisín]

Staring wide-eyed into Space: Natural, Open, Awake…
I sit contentedly on a park bench, by a lake, under an oak,
In Paris, in the lotus garden of the rosy Templars.

And a Music shall be my Salvation;
A hidden music that no one else can hear.
That Limitless Love drifts out of me, off out into Open Space,
I am Shining in this Dark Age. Joy Rising.

I am singing inside, my own cosmic Halleluia.
Arising from the Eternal OM, comes the AH, then the HUM…
Far beyond that grey horizon, without a thought or care,
I chant my silence. A gentle hymn to my own perfect essence:



B o … k e t … t o

[Dublin, 3 August 2014]
especially for those touched by autism 

'BOKETTO', Japanese word for gazing into open space without a thought.

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