Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It may not surprise you to know that I passionately believe in R E V O L U T I O N.
It is how i view Politics. It is how i view Buddhism.

I believe Revolution is the very essence of Human Nature; It is what makes us human and drives our socio-spiritual awakening. We all want Fair Play. And when it eludes us, we rebel and lash out. We call to the world: "Wake up and smell the kaka!". But revolutionaries and prophets are not enough.

Religion and Philosophy help us to understand that we find Awakening INSIDE US.

The 'World' teaches us that the best way to live is in [or on the fringe of] a FREE AND EQUAL SOCIETY - one that SELF-ORGANIZES, FROM THE GROUND UP and is open to change and continual growth.

This means we do not require A PRIESTLY CASTE - we must connect with the Buddha/God/Spirit with us OURSELVES.

It also means we must not allow our struggle for equality and freedom to be hijacked or led by SELF-APPOINTED SPOKESPEOPLE. They do not have a mandate. The danger is they may not be serving others, but that they could actually be self-serving.

It may even be in their interest NOT to have equality achieved!

For as long as the struggle for freedom continues indefinitely [with them firmly placed at centre stage, of course], then there is always the need for a Freedom Movement. And a group of self-appointed leaders. Who lead from above. While those below never actually get to take for themselves that to which they are fully entitled.
Leaders may come and go. That is the nature of the limelight. Some may even appear to be 'elected', albeit from a small pool of pre-selected candidates.

But the same fundamental, systemic flaw remains:

The system is rigged.
It is a white-wash.
It is designed to never actually deliver.
It supports hierarchy, and things remaining the same.
It does not bring true change at the rate the people require.
It is just another charade, within an unjust facade, dressed up as Choice, all smothered in a shiny, chocolatey layer of shit.

Self-organizing, from the ground up. 

For example, in relation to Gay Equal Marriage in Ireland:

The people's grass-roots, revolutionary movement towards full equality is fast being RE-hijacked by those who stand to benefit most from BUSINESS AS USUAL rather than Freedom and Awakening.
If marriage equality is to be achieved by the referendum in 2015 - and i hope it finally is - then it will have been achieved by the power and the truth of ordinary people. Not by those who wish to be associated with that historic moment.

Consider the facts...

If my livelihood DEPENDS ON gay people remaining in their present corrals, and their freedom and equality never being fully delivered, then i must APPEAR to do all i can to serve QLGBT equality, while never actually bringing it about.

If Freedom WERE achieved by my direct efforts, it would be like the proverbial turkey leading the campaign to Vote FOR Christmas!

I would be leading directly to my own financial downfall.
I would be putting myself out of a job [to say nothing of my plummeting social status].
... And, let's face it, if i personally benefitted most from being A BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND i would rage with all my might and rail against anything that threatened to take fish off the menu completely, or which could lead to the pond becoming an ocean.

How would i make a living from a social subset that didn't need me anymore?
Who would save my failing business if i couldn't get myself on telly, fake a storm in a D Cup, and drum up some punters?
Who would buy my autobiography?
Or go see a documentary about my rise to minor celebrity?

If and when the people SEE THROUGH WHITEWASHES SUCH AS THESE, and grasp for ourselves the equality we demand, then the gay world in which we live - the ghetto through which we move and have our being - will ALSO HAVE TO CHANGE... CHANGE RADICALLY.

There would nolonger be any need for professional lobbyists to act on our behalf.

There would be 20 gay bars around Dublin instead of 2 [soon to be one, i hear].

QLGBT people ourselves may also grow, more freely, totally out of control ... perhaps even to the point where we refuse on a night out to become the captive audience of whatever lip-syncing wannabe in a frock the scene involuntarily retches up for our further anaesthetization.
Just like every human being on the planet, we would become more involved with the task of CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT, FOR OURSELVES.

A world where the big questions would not be about what people like to do with their genitalia, or who can marry whom [to say nothing of who wrote what about whom online or how the wounded party made the regrettable mistake of retaliating by resorting to tragic, midnight cyber-bullying or a feeble attempt at social exclusion worthy of petty fascist manipulators around the planet.

A global community is emerging in which we are primarily concerned with caring for others rather than ourselves.

The main stepping stone of the age, towards that brighter future, is to SEE what is happening right now around us. Who is doing what. And why we are not yet free.

To paraphrase Voltaire, 'If you want to know who is trying to control and rule over you, discover who attempts to stop you criticizing them'.

We need to keep our hands firmly on the reins, and drive all the way up this path to liberation ourselves!

PS By the way, don't get me wrong: i have known and liked many good people whose profession it was to lobby for LGBT Rights. Furthermore, i actually love drag and lip-sync... It's what lies behind it all that needs to be examined, and transcended, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

We must NOT be afraid of naming what we see.

Nor should we be distracted from the ultimate goal of Equality by whatever bullying, personal attacks, or 'de-friending' that expressing the truth may draw upon us. That is to be expected, and is afterall the very nature of what a 'whitewash' is and does.

Soon transcended. Soonest forgotten. Sooner still consigned to the rubbish heap of world history.

May Love and Light prevail.
May the beige negativity that currently passes for integrity be completely swept away.
And may all oppression, of every kind, be dispelled into space! 



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