Thursday, August 3, 2017

Where have all the Gay Bars gone?

[A Call To Arms from the gayest place on Earth]

Gay Bars are closing down all over the rich, white, so-called 'First World'. Here's why...

1. Next Generation Queers don't need them:
They find sex online and just out and about in ordinary daily life. They already feel safe enough to be themselves in public, especially in urban centers. Their social life doesn't revolve around a handful of trusted people and places. They eschew ghettoization and limitations of any sort.

2. First Generation Queers needed them so badly we allowed ourselves to be racketeered by the owners:

We were so certain - due to bitter personal experience - that we needed gay bars to find sex, safety and eachother. We were so grateful to whoever opened them that we didn't dare contemplate if business was the main motivation or not, or whether the gay 'community' was actually a myth created by opportunistic parasites in search of profit or profile.

3. Future Generation Queers will howl with laughter that we Old School gays ever allowed ourselves to be corralled for profit into designated spaces, paid over the odds for a drink [and whatever else the owner profited from being sold on the premises], and permitted others to dictate and micro-manage our personal behaviour and the whole political agenda for Liberation and Equality...

4. People eventually just walk away from shitty scenarios ONCE THEY BEGIN TO SMELL THE SHIT and see through the parasitic narcissism of the gay scene's wannabe movers and shakers...

Take what 'drag' has become in the current era. At first it was an act of defiance and fun, nothing to do with gender or impersonation. But now, drag as 'forced entertainment' is apparently a mandetory part of what we have to put up with if we want to go to a gay bar of an evening. We are still considered a captive audience! Many people perhaps nolonger want to be subjected to the spectacle of some geezer in a dress looking for attention. It's almost like every bar nowadays - if not actually owned by a third-rate power-bottom drag queen - has ITS very own drag queen in residence. Whatever we may once have thought about drag shows, i can't imagine them holding the attention of Next Generation Queers for very long.

5. Just as the age of drag and narcissistic parasites owning gay bars has drawn to a close, GAY itself is nolonger a thing.

It used to be a thing. For a while it was THE thing. But homosexual/bisexual kids nowadays don't even seem to think of themselves as gay. And fair play to them! They are reaping what we older folk have sown: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in the broadest sense possible. They may consider themselves 'Queer', if they have any sense and are politically radical. But 'Gay'? Probably not so much these days. To be Bi or Non-specific sexually is undoubtedly the future, or so it seems at least.

I currently live in a place with probably the world's highest percentage of resident gay men and a huge number of gay bars. Young people can consent to sex at 16 and drink in a bar at 18... Yet there are ZERO young gay guys in these bars. Especially not local teenagers or twenty-somethings [not that i am looking for them, i have zero interest in them, but where are they??] ... A very strong sign of the times indeed.

BUT... FINALLY, there is a huge downside to the disappearance of gay bars and that whole crazy scene. Most Next Generation Queers are so mainstream and uncritical they are in danger of becoming completely homogenized, Ikea-ized, bourgeoisified and plain-old-boring.
What the world needs now is not good citizens, captains of industry and pillars of the State.


But where will they be born and nurtured?
In Trumps's celebrity-big-brother-white-house USA? Or May's post-Brexit, neo-fascist-we've-got-talent Britain? In my own Land-of-Ire and Amnesia-via-Anaesthesia? I certainly don't think so! Nor in my new abode filled with Catalonian Catatonia, Hispanic Histeria or even our beloved Siam-of-the-killer-smiles?

Where will the new radicals emerge, if not the dingy bars of 80s metropolitan backstreets or the shamefully exhilarating laneways of working-class suburbia.


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