Friday, December 29, 2017


Dear Friends,

I am really happy to share with you the news that my first novel LONDON CALLING: Jalu Rises In The West is now available worldwide wherever books are sold [ISBN 978-1999878504].

If you'd like to buy the paperback directly from me, please email your exact postal address to Then i can calculate the total amount and send you a PAYPAL request for payment in full. You can pay this either with your PayPal Account OR WITHOUT IT just using a bank card.

The cost will be €15 for the paperback PLUS packing and POSTAGE to your door.

LONDON CALLING is printed and shipped by INGRAM. Your book is dispatched from Ingram's nearest base to wherever you live. This includes major hubs in Britain, United States, and Australia.

At the moment, the eBook is best purchased from the usual outlets online.


Writing this “Dharma Noir” novel has been a labour of love. Introducing a new genre has brought together mystery-thriller storytelling and the teachings of the Buddha in a unique and engaging fusion. Here is the Back Cover with some information about the storyline.

LONDON CALLING is published by OUTSIDE IN – supporting new work from “Outsider Indie Auteurs” – and is available in paperback and all eBook formats.

Many, many thanks to all my friends and loved ones for all your encouragement and enthusiasm. It means so much to me.

If you’d like to be part of launching LONDON CALLING, please share this announcement with 5 or 10 friends you think might enjoy reading it. Also, if you have any media connections or ideas about promotion do pass on this email and my contact details to them.

But the best way to engage is to read my work, enjoy it, and spread the word… Maybe even go online and write a review?
Amazon is a very helpful place to post a review. Here’s the link to my book’s page there -

There are separate book launches and readings planned for Europe, Asia and the US. I will keep you informed.

If you’d like to buy LONDON CALLING it is available to you however you normally purchase your books.
It’s said there are over 39,000 large retailers selling books via their own chain-stores and websites. And my book is available through all of them, and in every territory, if you wish.

If you prefer to support the work of Independent Authors, like me, more directly please contact me here or through my website and I can sell straight to you at a reduced price plus postage. You can pre-order with me now and have the book posted from our nearest distributor to you the day after payment is received.

Another option is to cherish your local small bookstore in a world dominated by multi-nationals. You can order LONDON CALLING [ISBN 978-1999878504] through them and collect it within a few days usually.

LONDON CALLING is the first in a series of five Dharma Noir novels.
Early in 2018 I will release BUDDHA’S FAVOURITE WORDS, my first major book contemplating all the main teachings of the Buddha.

Thanks again for all your loving kindness.
May my work continue to bring Joy and Contentment wherever it lands!


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