[Bio from the cover of LONDON CALLING]

BRUNO NUA is a Buddhist Philosopher from Ireland. Raised in a rough suburb of 1970s Dublin he says he came out as ‘queer’ at 15, studied classical guitar from 16 and – being “an insufferable narcissist and lover of French” – went to Paris alone for the Summer at 17. He fitted right in.
Aged 18 in 1983, Bruno met Michael, the man of his dreams. They are still together and spend most of their time sitting side by side.
Graduating with a Masters from Trinity College Dublin, Bruno was first a teacher in Ireland’s richest school then in Ireland’s poorest school.
A student of the most eminent Buddhist masters for almost thirty years, he became a university lecturer in Philosophy, specializing in the Wisdom Teachings of the Buddha.
Bruno says he now spends much of his time floating between Europe and Asia like a gypsy, and a mirror.

[Bio from the cover of BUDDHA'S FAVOURITE WORDS]

BRUNO NUA is a Buddhist Philosopher from Ireland where he had a humble upbringing in one of Dublin’s roughest suburbs.
Graduating from Trinity College with a Masters degree he became a teacher, first in the country’s most privileged private school and then in the country’s most disadvantaged one. A lifelong love of meditation and spirituality eventually

brought him to Buddhism. 
Having a deep affinity for the Tibetan and Zen traditions, Bruno connected almost straight away with three of the finest Buddhist masters of the age. He first became a student of Sogyal Rinpoche, which lead him also to Thich Nhat Hanh and Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. Some years later Bruno became a university lecturer in Buddhist Philosophy, which took him from Dublin to Bangkok and back again. He brought Irish Buddhists together when he formed Buddhist Network Ireland, and represented them on the first Irish Inter-Religious Council alongside the national leaders of the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and other faiths

Nowadays, Bruno lives in Catalunya and Thailand where he says he tries to remain in the here and now, do as little as possible, not think too much, and write a little bit from time to time.