At present, there are several books due for publication 2011 - 2013.
Daily Contemplations for Unlocking the Essence.
As well as Buddha’s Favourite Words, watch out for other forth-coming titles including:

Heart Essence – 
Buddhism, In One Volume.

Skinny Buddha Speaks –
Opening the Heart of Compassion Through Engaged Buddhism and Applied Mindfulness.

The Amazing Adventures of Kathleen!
[A Collection of Old-Fashioned Feel-Good Stories for Reading to Children at Bed Time]

In addition, there is a collection of Poems and Stories in the making entitled RISINGS - Sacred and Profane.
This collection grows out of the Buddhist realisation that nothing that arises in the mind should be taken too seriously. 
This includes all those thoughts, emotions, concepts and creations that arise in our consciousness, momentarily,  and go again.

Such Risings are equally transient and essentially frivolous regardless of how apparently 'holy' or 'pornographic' they may seem to be at the time.
If you are easily offended by extremely strong language or words of a sexual nature, then don't read these: 
HERE is a mixed selection of poetry [both sacred and profane]

and HERE is a mixed selection of stories